2022 ETP Almanac! October 07 2021

I usually take time off in December to do the yearly updates, but two prior customers asked me if I could get it ready earlier. I should probably make the updates in July in the future. For now, the 2022 ETP Almanac is now available

Also, I've discounted the 2021 edition to two dollars since there's not that much time left in the year. If you recently purchased the 2021 edition and would like the 2022 one, shoot me an email with your order number and I'll send it to you.

2018 Updates to ETP Almanac and Word Counting Calendar! December 29 2017

Now available are theupdated  2018 ETP Almanac and 2018 Word Counting Calendar! 

The Almanac is a 365-page dated PDF file that you can print out and bind at a copy shop, with interactive fill-in fields for the main task areas. It also includes the Groundhog Day Resolutions review dates (see this article for information). This year's update also uses the version 4 ETP design for the full-page versions, which provides more room to write-in scheduling and task lines. 

The Word Counting Calendar is similar to the calendar I release for free during the month of Nanowrimo. It tracks up to 50,000 words per month, and provides multiple ways to track your word pacing!