ETP Dated 365-Day Planner PDFs for 2018


A 365-Day Emergent Task Planner with Printed Dates

If you want to print a planner with dates on every page, this version is the one you want to download! The package you select (either for US or International users) contains 8 PDF files in color, black and white, and either full-size or half-size. There's also a blank undated template for whatever you need. 

Each PDF is individually dated and contains 365 pages for you to print. Print double-sided or single-sided. Each page also has some editable fields for pre-entering a memo or task list on a specific day if your PDF software supports it.

For 2018, the full-page version is using the new version 4 design of the ETP! The half-page versions are the same as before, as they are already quite optimized.

Please note that this is NOT a physical product that will be shipped to you! It is a downloadable file you print at home.

Software Requirements

This downloadable file archive is in ZIP format, and contains several PDF files.

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader Enterprise (available from Adobe) to view and print these files.

Included Variants

Packages Available Pick either US or A4/A5
Package Content 8 PDFs total in each package.
Layouts Color, Black and White, Full Page, Half Page
Colors Design optimized for color and black&white printers
Dates Each page is dated with the month and day, and some holidays

Usage Tips

When printing the half-page templates, you may want to experiment with printing "booklets" and "double-sided". 
Due to limitations in the PDF software, I can not make every field editable or style the fonts. This product is primarily for printing-out daily sheets for your use. 
If you'd like to see what the quality of the actual files are, here is a downloadable sample for this year.