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ETP Dated 365-Day Planner PDFs for 2023

ETP Dated 365-Day Planner PDFs for 2023

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A 365-Day Emergent Task Planner with Printed Dates

If you want to print a planner with dates on every page, this version is the one you want to download! The package you select (either for US or International users) contains 12 PDF files in color, black and white, and either full-size or half-size. There's also blank undated templates for whatever you need. 

Each PDF is individually dated and contains 365 pages for you to print. Print double-sided or single-sided. Each page also has some editable fields for pre-entering a memo or task list on a specific day if your PDF software supports it.

Please note that this is NOT a physical product that will be shipped to you! It is a downloadable file you print at home.

Software Requirements

This downloadable file archive is in ZIP format, and contains several PDF files.

I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader Enterprise (available from Adobe) to view and print these files.

Included Variants

Packages Available Pick either US or A4/A5
Package Content 12 PDFs total in each package for you to print at home
Layouts Color, Black and White, Full Page, Half Page, Booklet
Colors Design optimized for color and black&white printers
Dates Each page is dated with the month and day, goal review days, and equinox/solstice information. The US version adds Federal holidays.

Usage Tips

full-page printing: use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print Actual Size, double-sided with long-side binding (see screenshot). January-March are pages 2-91. April-June are pages 92-182. July-September are pages 183-274. October-December area pages 274-366.
half-page booklet printing: use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the Bindable PDFs. Print dialog settings are Booklet with Left-side binding (see screenshots). January-March are pages 1-90. April-June are pages 91-181. July-September are pages 182-273. October-December are pages 273-365. 
You can pre-fill the 9 task lines for each day using Adobe Acrobat Reader in interactive mode. Due to limits in the PDF software, I could not make every field editable. 
Download the 33-day sample to try before you buy!
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