2024 ETP Almanac Delays

2024 ETP Almanac Delays

Happy 2024! Some news on the The Emergent Task Planner 365-Day Almanac.

This is one of the most tedious to produce given the low sales; it has historically been as mentally draining to layout due to the number of forms and layouts on top of the extremely slow Excel-to-Illustrator-to-InDesign-to-PDF workflow. It's about as soul-crushing as doing my yearly taxes by hand. So I swore that I would finally automate it by writing custom software, now that I have learned how to do so.

Progress is going well, but it's not quite ready yet because I'm doing this between work projects and other obligations. However, once this work is done it will be much faster to produce special editions at any time of the year, ensuring that you can  have the format ahead of time. I could also sell them in 3-month and 6-month lengths without additional effort on my part. If you're curious to follow its progress, I'm posting status on this public Patreon post

I am also looking forward to bringing back the Word Counting Calendar for 2024 after a long hiatus due (again) to the difficulty of creating this product. With the custom software, I'll be able to generate variable word counts and colors very quickly. The same goes for the Compact Calendar PDFs, which can be released from its Excel (!) based workflow and start to become more artistic. Very exciting, but it will take a while to ramp up.

Thanks for your patience!

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