About Dave Seah

Hi! Thank you for visiting my store. I sell a variety of goods based on my design work at davidseah.com, where I write about my search for creativity, productivity, and independence. Over the years I've designed many productivity tools that have helped me get a little more focused, and a few of them have proven interesting enough to people to warrant the creation of real products. That's what you'll find here!

Staying Focused with Paper-Based Products

I've been working as a freelance designer for many years, and one of my main challenges is staying focused on the right tasks as I juggle different job roles.

I use a variety of digital web-based tools to manage the details my overall projects, but when it comes staying focused, I've find that the physicality of paper works really well. Paper is "always-on", doesn't require you to shuffle windows or switch apps, and it gets your head out of the distracting world of the Internet so you can think.

I sell a variety of printed paper productivity tools. You can download most of these designs for free from my website to print at home, but there are a few advantages that the pre-printed products have:

  • The paper is thick, "fountain pen friendly" paper. It's very durable and white, with a slight toothiness that feels equally good with with pen or pencil.
  • Printed by professional printers using offset lithography, the inks won't smear when wet.
  • The cost is about the same as printing them yourself at home.
  • Your purchase helps me continue to develop and offer new free productivity tools on my website, davidseah.com.

Customizing Workflow with Digital Downloads

I also offer some versions of the free downloadable tools on my website that have been enhanced for greater convenience or flexibility. In general, they are PDF files that are designed for you to print-out on your own printer or at a copy shop. I recommend using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader for best results, as not all PDF utilities support the advanced features I am using.