A New Beginning!

A New Beginning!

I'm finally setting up my Shopify store for physical fulfillment so I can stop using Amazon's services. It was great to start with in 2009, but they've become increasingly hostile to small creators like myself over the years. Boo!

The current plan is to switch to Shopify's warehousing and fulfillment services, but I have to first show that I have actual physical sales here. This is going to be difficult to start-up because I'll have to ship stuff out of my house. This is an extremely time-consuming activity, but hopefully I'll be able to qualify if I can demonstrate sales. I'm also sending the last 60 ETP 5885 Mini Notebooks to Amazon to see how fast they can sell out and help fund the next run of them. I'll post on my social media when that's available.

I haven't yet picked what physical product to start with here. Maybe I will start with the ETP75 Tear-off Pads which have not been listable on Amazon for a long time because of conflicts there. That was my first physical product ever, so it might be a great one to start with! I'll take photos of all the remaining stock I have clogging up my basement.

To help keep myself on track, I'm making this one of my May Challenge Goals in the group project we have going on the DS|CAFE COWORKING Discord server. There's a few of us doing it together, so I'm hopeful this makes the chore of fulfillment more fun!

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