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GHDR 2018 Collected Articles (256 pages)

GHDR 2018 Collected Articles (256 pages)

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The 2018 Groundhog Day Resolutions Omnibus Collection

Every year I create my yearly goals (Groundhog Day Resolutions or GHDR) on February 2nd. To stay honest, I follow-up with monthly reports. While collecting my articles from last year I thought, "Hey, maybe other people would find this interesting or convenient while they're working on their own resolutions!"

 I'm offering this PDF for US$1.00 as a way to gauge interest in doing more GHDR-related writing. While this is just a PDF version of the blog articles that you can already read for free on my website, it's much more convenient in PDF form. All the links still work. And, if you want to print the file out, it's been preformatted with wide margins so you can buy a springback binder and get something like this:

What This Ebook Is Not

This ebook is NOT A GUIDE. This ebook DOES NOT provide step-by-step instruction. This ebook HAS NOT been edited for clarity. This is purely a collection of my report articles from, and are offered as an example of one person's journey to create better yearly resolutions. 

Please note that this is NOT a physical product that will be shipped to you! It is a downloadable file you print at home using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What You Get

This is a PDF download that you will download to your computer. You will need to use a PDF reader to view and/or print this file. It is 256 pages long and I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader Enterprise (available from Adobe)

Usage Tips

Printing: Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to print Actual Size, double-sided with long-side binding. 
Bookmarks: The bookmark panel in Acrobat Reader is a quick way to jump to a particular report.
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